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Baptiste Power Yoga Colorado Springs (formerly known as UpRise Yoga) is a Baptiste Power Yoga affiliate studio located on the northeast side of Colorado Springs. As Colorado Springs’ only Baptiste affiliate studio, we are building a powerful community from the inside out.

We strive to create a space where everyone feels welcomed and a part of something bigger than themselves. Our community is the most important part of our studio. We breathe, sweat, laugh, and OM together.

We believe in making Yoga accessible for EVERY body. You do not have to be flexible; a certain size, age, or sex; or already doing Yoga to do Yoga with us. We specialize in working with those who need modifications, beginners to Yoga, and those who wish to expand their practice.

At Baptiste Power Yoga Colorado Springs, we work hard to have our students feel empowered on and off the mat! We offer a powerful Yoga practice that will make space in your life for new possibilities.

BPYCS offers classes such as Hot Power Flow (Inspired by Baptiste Yoga), Warm Deep Stretch, Aerial Yoga, Family Yoga, and Yoga HIIT. All of our classes are for all-levels and offerings are 7 days a week. Check out our schedule and contact us with questions.

Terra’s Baptiste story

For many years I was opposed to Yoga based on my own made-up knowledge of what I thought Yoga was; including thinking you needed to look or act a certain way to do Yoga. Then I went (was dragged) to a Hot Power Yoga class. I realized how wrong I was and had wasted so much time not doing Yoga! Then I went to a Baptiste Power Yoga class and was blown away even more!!

During my first Baptiste Yoga practice; there was no time to be in my head, worrying about how I looked, or about the rest of my day. I was taught to move with my breath and to align my body in the poses. I walked out of that room feeling forever changed and realized that I needed more of that feeling in my life. I felt empowered and inspired!

Shortly after starting to practice Baptiste Power Yoga, I entered into the 40 Days to Personal Revolution Program. I learned that through asana (the physical practice) and meditation (dhyana), new possibilities and opportunities were now available to me. I learned to create space for myself and my eyes were opened to what was and wasn’t working in my life. I was able to realize where I wasn’t being authentic and how disconnected I had become from my physical body. I made some decisions about my life that I had been unable to make and felt much freer and happier than I had in a long time.

I continued to practice Baptiste Power Yoga and loved how what happened on my mat translated to off the mat, too. I am an anxious person by nature and through my practice, I learned how to calm my mind and how to filter the noise of my anxiety to get to the root of what was really occurring. Through the practice, I started to feel strong and realized that if I could push through something like 6 wheels (!), I could do anything off the mat, too. I had a new confidence and found myself trying new things in my life. I was able to have conversations with others around me that I had needed to have for a long time.

Every time I stepped on my mat in a Baptiste practice, I felt inspired and realized I wanted to help others with their own transformations. I completed a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training and dived into teaching others the practice. I also went on to attend a Level One: Journey Into Power Training with the Baptiste Institute to learn more about the methodology and in turn also about myself and who I was for others.

I love being able to witness the transformation of other Yogis through their Baptiste Yoga practice. I love when people come into my studio who are nervous and say they aren’t a Yogi and walk out feeling accomplished and realize everyone is a Yogi! I have seen many yogis learn how to work through their own anxiety thanks to their Baptiste practice. I have seen people walk into the studio who were closed off to the world around them, transform into the most outgoing and confident people you have ever met. I have witnessed others walk out of the practice room finally ready to move forward in their lives.

Baptiste Yoga stresses the importance of community and when you walk into a Baptiste Yoga studio, it feels like an episode of Cheers where everyone knows your name and are happy to see you. When you practice Baptiste Power Yoga, you are practicing Yoga to become the best version of yourself that is open to new opportunities, thoughts, and ideas. You realize you aren’t just practicing for yourself. You are practicing for those around you and in your community, so they can also become the best versions of themselves.

If you want to feel empowered, learn who you truly are, be inspired to make changes in your life, feel and become stronger, and make true connections with others around you; try out Baptiste Yoga! You never know what is possible or available to you until you try!

I am thankful to be a part of the global Baptiste community and to add Colorado Springs to the community, too! As Colorado Spring’s only Baptiste Power Yoga affiliate studio, we are here to help you live your best life!

From our students and teachers

  • "This studio has quickly become my happy place! The environment here is everything a yoga studio should be, uplifting, encouraging, and welcoming! These teachers push me to have my best practice every time with their words and the flows that they teach. Because of them, I have the desire to practice more than I have in the last 6 years of practicing yoga!”


  • "Baptiste Power Yoga Colorado Springs is the perfect neighborhood yoga studio with amazing hot yoga classes that are great. All the staff are the best!"


  • "I have practiced yoga for 10 years, but in the past couple years at BPY Colorado Springs my practice has strengthened in ways I did not think possible. My body is stronger and my mind more focused, both on and off the mat. On any given day the openness of this studio truly allows you to take what you need and take a pass on what does not serve you. The teachers support you in both pushing your limits and in giving yourself a bit of grace. There is a welcoming community within the studio - whether you are brand new to yoga or have been practicing for decades. My life is better with Baptiste Power Yoga Colorado Springs as a part of it!"


  • "I’ve been coming to Baptiste Power Yoga Colorado Springs for over a year now and can’t imagine going anywhere else. The instructors are amazing - they help modify poses and work on challenging you in your personal practice. Beyond that - the sense of fun and community is the biggest reason I keep coming back!"


  • "Since fully committing to an in-studio yoga practice, I have not only transformed physically, I have become a totally different person. I find myself calm in times of chaos, I am able to handle difficult situations with more grace and I can find moments of stillness through a busy life.  My overall health has improved as well along this journey.  BPYCS has become my second family, and I always feel welcomed when I step through the door.  As a student, you are met at your ability level and not made to feel any better or any worse than your neighbor.  Successes are celebrated and times of difficulty are embraced in our studio."


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