About Baptiste Yoga

Many individuals in the world are just drifting in their lives. They are numb and not fully present for themselves or those around them. Baptiste Power Yoga exists to disrupt the drift!! “We awaken and empower human beings to live in wholeness and full potencia as a moment to moment experience.” (Purpose of Baptiste Power Yoga)

Baptiste Power Yoga is way more than just Yoga! Through the physical practice of the Yoga poses (asana), we are able to practice meditation and become present (dhyana), and then comes the inquiry into our lives and the ability to find our truest selves (niyama). Expanded awareness and new possibilities become available to us both on and off the mat.

“Baptiste Yoga is about supporting people in the unfolding of their humanity, their best self, their power. Baptiste Yoga is about altering people’s sense of possibilitywords from Baron Baptiste.

It is the mission of Baptiste Power Yoga to make Yoga accessible to anyone. There are no steadfast rules one must follow to practice Baptiste Power Yoga. Practioners need only to listen to their bodies. Baptiste Power Yoga is meant to be an invigorating and challenging practice but is accessible for every individual.

For more information about Baptiste Power Yoga head to baptisteyoga.com